Kayaking around Galiano Island


Galiano 1

Just recently before heading back to school I had a chance to kayak around beautiful Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada. This was my first time EVER kayaking and boy was I in for it: I got soaked! It was all worth it though because on our kayaking adventure we spotted all sort of amazing wildlife!


Galiano 2

At first you might have thought this was a rock…we sure did! It turned out to be our first glimpse of a Harbor Seal. These marine mammals frequent Galiano Island where they are often found basking on rocks or on the shore away from predators.


Galiano 3

This unique rock is what Galiano Island is famous for. The only way to see it up-close is by kayak. It really reminds me of an alien!

Galiano 4

I was so excited to spot my first wild jelly fish! These unique creatures can be found all around the island. Some unfortunately even wash up to shore. Swimmers must beware: they blend in so well with the aquatic vegetation!


Galiano 5

This had to been the highlight of my trip: seeing a mama Harbor Seal feeding her pup. What astonished me was how close you could get to these animals. It seemed like they had no fear of humans. I could have sat and watched them for hours!

Galiano Island had to have been one of my favorite destinations. With its beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife it is a place that I look forward to visiting again in the future.

For more information on how YOU can kayak around Galiano Island please visit http://www.seakayak.ca/