A Lizard's Diaries Part 4: Central Park Zoo


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Next stop on our tour schedule was a visit to the famous Central Park Zoo. It’s incredible to think that in one of the world’s most populous cites (8 million people) that a zoo exists right in the middle! Here I’m pictured with Japanese Macaques or Snow Monkeys. This species of primate is found in Japan where they can tolerate very cold conditions.

Snow Monkeys

Fun Fact: They spend the most of their time in naturally heated volcanic hot springs! (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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The zoo is known for their famous Polar Bear residents named Gus and Ida. The bears live in an elaborate habitat complete with an arctic pool, trees, and mountainous slopes. I’m guessing this one is Ida!

C 4

Inside their rainforest exhibit visitors can check out Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs. These critically endangered primates are only found in Madagascar. Human destruction of their forest habitat and commercial exportation contribute to the decline of this species.

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You can also check out my favorite inhabitant: the Emerald Tree Boa. This strikingly beautiful snake has a nasty reputation for being extremely aggressive. I’ve always wanted to rescue one someday…Who knows? For more up-to-date info about everything animals follow us at www.twitter/corbinmaxey