A look back on 'TODAY'


Last week's appearance on The Today Show, marked my 18th time appearing on the mega morning show. I can honestly say, Studio 1 A is feeling more and more like home! One thing that hasn't changed since my first appearance, is how incredibly fast everything goes. Several weeks are spent researching, pitching ideas, preparing animal permits, and then before you know it, you're next to Kathie Lee Gifford! I finally had to time to wind down from such a busy week and reflect on some of my favorite moments. Hope you enjoy- Corbin Image-1 (2)

Pre-promotion for my upcoming TODAY appearance took place on the New Mix Morning show on Mix 106. Over the years, I've come to absolutely love radio and look forward to every time I visit. I was even more ecstatic about this appearance because it was the first time I'd be working with a badger! All the animals featured on the show were rescued from my good friends at The Animals in Distress Organization. They will also all be returned to the wild.


Every time I travel to New York, I always try to visit and stay in different boroughs. This time around I stayed in Astoria, Queens. Hands-down one of my favorite boroughs. Quick and easy access to the city, fantastic night time views of the Manhattan skyline, and great Greek food!

Image-1 (3)

The "Who Knew?" trivia segments are quite different than my normal animal spots on TODAY. There are more elements to them such as trivia, audience member participation, and live animals.

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Because June is National Zoo & Aquarium month, it made sense to team up with my good friends over at the Adventure Aquarium.

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One of my favorites was Cornelia, the African Penguin. Cornelia made herself at home, walking around the set, checking out food in the green room, and causing every member of the crew to whip out their Iphones and snap pics!

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Words still cannot express how surreal it is to work with a television icon like Kathie Lee Gifford. She's always very friendly and a great sport when it comes to working with the animals. (Sorry KLG that the lobster splashed you pretty good!)

If you haven't had a chance to watch the segment, you can find it below.

Special thanks to everyone for the support and tuning in. It sincerely means a lot to me. Until next time...