A pic from home! Our gorgeous Woma

Sydney, our Woma Python Sydney our Woma Python

When you are on the road for sometime, It really makes you miss the things back a home. That's why I was so excited to hear from my animal assistant and get this pic sent to me this morning of Sydney our Woma Python. What a beautiful snake! These medium sized pythons (7-8 feet) are found in Australia. They are closely related to the Black Headed Python and what separates them apart is their orange colored head. What's also unique is that the Woma Python does not have heat sensing pits like most pythons! So how does it find its food? By using their tongues of course! *****Today is a VERY busy day for my animal assistant, who is charge of making sure all of the animal exhibits are clean, the animals fed, and the preparation for our BRAND-NEW animal! I'll give you a hint...our new animal is from Mexico, has red knees, and can live to be over 20 years old. Any guesses?