An Early Winter!


A record-breaking arctic blast has hit the majority of the lower 48, setting record lows and increased levels of snowfall. Never in my life have I experienced such a "white" November. I decided to share some personal photos and a behind-the-scenes look at how our animals are coping with the sudden cold. Winterbackporch

A thick blanket of snow has suddenly covered our property here in the Snake River Valley region of Idaho. Normally we wouldn't see this level of snowfall until mid December- February.


All of the outdoor animal exhibits look like they belong in a scene from the classic Christmas song "Winter Wonderland."


Soni, our adult American Alligator, stays warm by completely submerging in his heated pool.


Besides Soni, all of our other reptilian residents have moved into indoor facilities. Here, our vacant North American Pond exhibit is covered in snow and ice.


Tortoise Yard.


Even though the tortoise yard is completely covered in snow, it doesn't stop Tinkerbelle from trying to explore! She's always been interested in snow and tries to analyze it given the opportunity. If the weather is decent and there's no wind, I'll occasionally open the door and give her the option of going outside. The last few days though, at 6 degrees, it's been way too cold.


Tank on the other hand has no desire for the snow. He enjoys staying warm under his 250 watt heat lamp.


Wouldn't these tracks freak you out if you saw them in your yard? They look like they belong more or less in a Jurassic Park movie!


Emus are actually surprisingly tolerant of the cooler weather and can withstand temperatures below zero. Still, we give Napoleon the option of a warm barn full of straw.


I couldn't write a winter blog update without mentioning Winslow our pet cow. He's been enjoying the weather more than any other animal on our property! No flies, cool temperatures and a thick, new winter coat!


The weather even inspired me to put the Christmas lights up early this year!


I want to finish with this picture I took on the banks of the river with the frosted covered trees in the crisp morning air. There is just simply nothing else like it. Until next time...