Back in the day

Take a look of this picture I found while cleaning out my office the other day! I could not tell you my exact age but to my guess probably around 6 or 7 years old. I am holding two young Burmese Pythons. At the time, these snakes were extremely popular and sold by the thousands in the pet trade. I remember getting these 2 beauties from a local breeder. I was always so excited to be around wildlife. I remember when most kids my age were out playing with race cars or action figures…I was out in the mountains observing all types of different creatures from ants to rubber boas. I look back now on my childhood and realize that if I never lived in Robbie Creek, Idaho I do not think that I would have such an intense passion for all wildlife. All those years of isolation from the “city” shaped who I am toady and who I dream to be in the future.