Corbin's "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" # 1

Zoo Boise

It should come to most at no surprise that Zoo Boise makes my "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" at #1! I have literally grown up at this zoo and enjoy visiting this place every chance I get. Another reason why I placed it at #1 is that there are so many new animals and exhibits to enjoy this summer.


These are some of the new faces you can expect while visiting Zoo Boise this summer! This is Joseph and Julius. These two male giraffes call the zoo's "African Planes" exhibit home. This multi-species exhibit is also home to a pride of lions, hornbills, and Striped Hyenas.


Please ignore the water spot! This picture was taken back-in-the-day! Some of my favorite feathered friends call the zoo home. These are Magellanic Penguins. The zoo offers underwater viewing of these magnificent birds and has penguin talks daily. Some of my favorite memories include scrubbing this pool every Tuesday!!!!

Reptile Rampage

When I said I "grew up" at this zoo I wasn't kidding. Way before touring nationally, appearing on television, and hosting a TV show I was at Zoo Boise performing in "Reptile Rampage." This show which I wrote/produced was performed weekly and attracted thousands of zoo visitors. It was all about promoting responsible pet ownership which is a message I still talk about to this day.

Soni and I

"Reptile Rampage" featured ALL sorts of reptiles including this baby alligator I am holding...his name is "Soni!" Can you believe how tiny he was at the time? Now at over 5 feet he seems monstrous compared to how little he was back then.

Lia Bo

Ok. I promise I will retire this picture after this blog...I just can't help but love this picture with me holding the zoo's baby gibbon named Lia Bo. What a sweetheart! You can now visit her swinging through her HUGE outdoor exhibit with her mom and dad.

If you want more information on how you can visit Zoo Boise please visit their site at