Corbin's "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" # 2

Rocky Point Sea World San Diego located in San Diego, California makes my "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" at number 2. Even though this park is the smallest Sea World Park in the nation it makes up for its visual beauty, stunning exhibits, amazing marine life, and its award-winning shows. This is a picture of Rocky Point Preserve home to over a dozen of the park's Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins.


Here is more of an up-close picture of one of their dolphins. This was taken during a designated dolphin feeding, which is open to the public during certain times of the day. It also gives you the chance to feel the "rubbery" skin of these marine mammals. Matter of fact Rocky Point Preserve is the first place I ever touched a dolphin! How neat!


As you all know I LOVE hands-on exhibits. This is me at one of the park's touch pools. These pools give you the opportunity to touch all sorts of marine life including starfish, sharks, and stingrays!


We got great seats to the park's newest show Believe...NOT! Even though we were pretty far up we still got a great view of Sea World's icon: the Killer Whale. After the show you can even see the whales in Shamu Close Up.

Sea turtle

Look at this big guy! Sea World San Diego is home to many different types of sea turtles, some of which has been here since the park opened in 1964. These ancient marine reptiles can live to be over 100 years old!


This park is also home to one-of-a-kind attractions including Journey to Atlantis. This "water coaster" is one of the very few in the nation. My best advice would be to ride this one first since the wait can get up to 3 hours! Definitely worth it though!

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