Corbin's "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" #7

The Bronx Zoo located in The Bronx borough of New York City places number 7 on my "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer." It is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States at 265 acres. 2 million people a year pass through its gates to view some 4,000 animals!

This Amur Tiger calls "Tiger River" home. This large, naturalistic habitat is one of the world's finest tiger exhibits. It's so naturalistic, that you often forget you are in the Bronx! This young male was leaning right up against the glass. Not pictured is the tigers' large pool (complete with underwater viewing)!

This picture was taken inside the 6.5 acre exhibit called "Congo Gorilla Forest." This exhibit is truly the most naturalistic, visually stunning exhibit I have EVER seen. It's home to troops of Western Lowland Gorillas, monkeys, reptiles, and tropical birds.

Can you believe that this is in the Bronx? I was so shocked to see how beautiful the Bronx River was during our ride on the Asian Monorail. The zoo itself is so LARGE that I didn't even get to see half of it! I'm looking forward to visiting this zoo soon in the near future!!!