Downtime with the cold-blooded


04 On tour our schedules can sometimes become extremely full and hectic.That's why relaxing times like these with the animals are so enjoyable for me. ***Pictured above is Shere Khan our Albino Burmese Python with me in the grass.


Junior our Nile Monitor loves exploring outside in new surroundings! Take a look at his dark blue tongue. He uses that for a sense of smell.


Here's a close-up of Shere Khan's head. I always get asked why his head is so pink. It all has to do with his albino coloration. Albino's lack the normal brown and gold color pigments found on normal Burmese Pythons.


Shere Khan is displaying one of my favorite python behaviors: when they raise their heads up to pick up all of the different scent particles. Out in the wild they would do this in long grass to look for predators and potential prey.

Even though the animals and me will be on tour for the majority of August, I always find time to interact with them on a daily basis. The interactions provide my animals will positive enrichment and keep them happy and healthy on the road!