Fun Facts about the Komodo!



We have all heard about the Komodo Dragon. The large mythical looking creatures that live only on a select group of islands in Indonesia. They even have earned the title as the world’s largest lizard growing up to 10 feet long and weighing in at over 300 pounds. There are facts though that many people don’t know about these misunderstood beasts. For an instance: Did you know inside that bulky head are over 60 short razor sharp teeth designed for tearing flesh? Or that they will go through four to five sets of teeth in a lifetime?

Komodo 1

Did you know that in 2002 a research team found on a single island “mini dragons” that are much smaller than other dragons in Indonesia? These small dragons only reach 7 feet and weigh 47 pounds!

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They can eat over 80% of their body weight in one feeding! That means that an adult male Komodo Dragon weighing in at 300lbs can eat 240lbs of meat in one sitting!


In 1992 the first dragons born outside of Indonesia were hatched at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. The surviving 55 offspring can now be seen at zoological parks around the world including this large fellow taking a nap at his home in Busch Gardens.


Unfortunately these large lizards are considered endangered due to illegal poaching, collection of eggs, and disruption of habitat. It is our job as humans to protect these incredible creatures for generations to come. Zoological parks around the world are helping to spread the word about their demise and what you can do to help. By seeing these creatures up-close we can all gain a better appreciation for these wonderful animals.

(Komodo basking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom)