Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!

We arrived in St. Louis yesterday at around 5:27pm. I owe a lot of thanks to "Alicia" my GPS who guided us the whole way. I have been to St. Louis before so I knew what to expect. Let me tell you...It is strange being in a place like San Francisco then only days later being here. Different everything. As for wildlife, on our way into the city we saw A LOT of wild turkeys. That was a first. It reminded me of my pet turkey back home named "Tina." A lot people do not know that I have a pet turkey (FYI: makes for a great conversation piece)! I received her for my 18th birthday. She has a very timid personality but believe it or not, she is actually trained to head back into her pen by the sound of my clap! Gotta love it!

Tina my pet turkey