Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thanks6 Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! Not only do I love to eat and be with family, we also celebrate big with the animals. They all receive extravagant diets filled with their favorite treats. Take a peek at how we celebrated this year!


A tradition here is waking up in the morning and preparing the special animal diets while watching the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here is a before look


And here is the after! The reason why the animals love this day so much is because they get treats they wouldn’t get on a normal basis. This includes bananas, star fruits, apples, and an assortment of lettuces. (This takes me about an hour to create)


This is the babies’ second Thanksgiving and judging by their looks I would have to say they are quite content! They can look forward to many more Thanksgivings (each one will live to be over 100)


A favorite is cooked yams. YUM


Some animals jump right into the action! (ie: Godzilla)


I don’t lie when I say the animals eat like some of the kids I work with! Check out Scooter trying to grab this apple slice.


And success!


Some animals like to enjoy and take their time! Irwin our Solomon Island Tree Skink enjoys checking out each of his favorite foods before diving in. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!