Harpy Eagle!!!

I just had to share this picture of a Harpy Eagle with all of you! This was taken during my recent visit to the Birds of Prey Center located in Boise, ID. What a magnificent bird! Harpy Eagles are considered to be the most powerful eagle in the world with talons the size of grizzly bear claws! They live in Central and South America where they dine on sloths, reptiles, birds, and even monkeys!

To see a bird like this up-close was truly incredible. This particular Harpy Eagle has been worked with since he was hatched at the Birds of Prey Center a couple of years ago. Since he is a male he won't get as big as his female counterparts. The center hopes to fly him outside soon once the weather gets warmer. Could you imagine seeing one of these birds in the air? Woohoo!

For more info on how on how you can visit the Harpy Eagles at the Birds of Prey Center please visit their  website  http://corbinmaxey.com/http://www.peregrinefund.org/default.asp