Henry meets his parents


Henrysum For the first time in his life, little “Henry”, our first baby Sulcata Tortoise to hatch, had the opportunity to be outside in our tortoise yard. Under close supervision he had the opportunity to meet his parents. These pictures really show you how big these tortoises get!


In the wild, young Sulcatas would never have the opportunity to meet their parents. From day one they are out to fend for themselves. Here, Henry is on top of Tinkerbelle’s shell. Believe it or not he will be that size in less than 6 years!


They can live to be over 100 years old and weigh up to 200 lbs! These grazing machines require large habitats and indoor set-ups in cooler climates. Our goal is to get all 17 babies outdoors this summer in a separate habitat. This way they can get the beneficial vitamin D3 from the sun.

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