Leavin' for St. Louie!

Ready to hit the open road!

When most people picture spring break, they think of palm trees, the warm sun, and their feet in the sand. That would be the complete opposite of what I’m doing! I know it was just days ago we arrived back home from San Francisco…but I have just found out last minute that we will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri! Family is what brings us to St. Louis on this journey…and yes we will be traveling by truck! I’m excited to see family…don’t get me wrong but I CANNOT wait to see Missouri’s native wildlife! I might even stop in and say hi to my friends at the St. Louis Zoo! Who knows? As always, I promise to keep all of you updated with pictures of our adventure! Wish us luck on the road and for all of you who are going somewhere tropical wear SUNSCREEN!

PS: Check out “LIVE with The Reptile Guy” tonight at 8:00pm on TVCTV channel 11 (Southwestern Idaho) or watch it streaming live (Mountain Standard Time) on www.tvctvonline.org.