The big poo!

"Ariena" before the show

Yesterday, while filming “LIVE with The Reptile Guy” episode #6 titled “The Big Squeeze”, one of our animal guests had a “little” accident! “Arieana”, a 17 foot 230-pound Reticulated Python decided to “poo” ALL over the stage during the segment. Now when a large snake like this decides to “go”, they go! The stench from it nearly passed out the members of our live studio audience. What’s worse is that the set people were not too happy. After the show we all shuffled outside and literally took the whole stage, piece by piece, out for a good cleaning. What a show! In the end most people, including some members of the crew, stated that it was the best show yet! I personally thought it made for great television. Not because of her “pooing” all over me and the stage, but because it showed people that these exotic snakes are still wild animals. They do not make good pets and only an experienced herpetologist should keep them.