Welcome Spring


Soni our American Alligator basking for the first time this year. There is just something incredible about that first, nice warm day after a cool winter. I don't know if it's the feeling of relief or the warm sun; whatever the case, I can assure you that the animals and I are ready for the upcoming warm weather! (As evident in Soni's picture above.) During these new sunny days the animals now have access to their outdoor habitats, enjoying all the elements that spring has to offer...Oh, and I'm able to accomplish a few personal goals myself!


Out of all the animals I believe our 15 Sulcata Tortoises appreciate spring the most. It's a time when they can enjoy the fresh wild grasses that surround our property and bask in the sun. Another exciting addition this year is going to be their brand-new habitat, which will offer more space for our growing tortoises!

tinkerbelle eating

I can't forget to mention their mother Tinkerbelle! She was the first tortoise out this year grazing away. What's nice about the adult tortoise exhibit is the ability for them to decide when they want to go outside and when they want to stay inside their nice heated house.

Winslow taking a nap on my sister's lap after his walk.

This also happens to be Winslow's first Spring! If you follow me on Instagram @corbinmaxey then you probably already know who he is. For those of you who don't, Winslow is our pet cow. Yes, I said it. We have a pet cow.

africa footage 2

Spring also marked the start of editing/producing the Africa footage! We have two documentaries in the works; "Through the Eyes of a Vulture" and "This is Africa", a behind-scenes-look at my adventure assisting Dr. Munir Virani on vulture captures. Both projects are due out late spring.


This was a personal goal I just completed; hiking the tall bluff located across the river. For years I've stared at it wondering what in the world was on top. I finally was able to see for myself. I hate to report it wasn't much... On top of the bluff located directly across the river from our property in the Snake River Valley, Idaho. But the view was incredible. I could have stayed on what seemed to be a very unstable rock for hours looking at the river. It's so surreal sometimes living out here in such an incredible place. I always joke the animals living on riverfront property have better views than most people in town! I'm thrilled for the upcoming months. New projects, appearances, and animal exhibits will soon to take flight. 2014 has just begun...