What is the best beginner reptile pet?

"Spike" The Bearded Dragon on the way to NYC for a press appearance

Coming up this week on “LIVE with The Reptile Guy” is our episode about kids who have a passion for reptiles. I was so excited to meet all of these enthusiastic young people who, just like myself, at an early age have a passion for the cold blooded! There is a lot of debate though, on what reptile REALLY makes the best beginner pet. I have been around reptiles before I could barely walk and have been surrounded by wildlife all of my life. And trust me! I have been in situations where at a young age I ended up having pet reptiles that did not make the best pets (ex: iguanas). But since then, there has been a lot of new information about reptile care and new varieties of reptiles available through the pet trade. My vote for the best reptile beginner pet out there goes to the Bearded Dragon. These personable, spiky, lizards don’t get too large (2-3feet) and will tolerate constant handling. Of course, before attaining a Bearded Dragon, do your research! They require special lighting, diet, and supplements. Make sure to check out our Bearded Dragon named “Spike” in the photo gallery!