Would you ever get between a Polar Bear and his ball?


074 If you've been following me on Twitter you will already know that this past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Oregon Zoo located in Portland, Oregon. This was my very first visit to 64 acre zoological park and trust me...it has been LONG AWAITED!


I just had to start today's blog with this picture I took of one of the zoo's Polar Bears. Check out how much he LOVES his ball. This of course is considered enrichment for the bears. It gives them something to do and stimulates their minds. You wouldn't want to take it away from him. Polar bears who weigh anywhere from 800-1500 pounds are considered the world's largest land carnivore. They also are the most dangerous animals at the zoo. How neat!


As soon as you walk into the gates you are awe-stricken by the "Cascade Crest" exhibit which is home to numerous Mountain Goats (pictured above). The reason why I was so fascinated with the exhibit was because it was truly visually stunning.  It featured giant boulders for the goats to climb, grassy hills, and a moat to keep the animals a safe distance from visitors.


"The Great Northwest" exhibit is home to a variety of different animals found in the Northwest including bears, bobcats, cougars, otters, beavers, and eagles. This was BY FAR my favorite exhibit at the zoo. The zoo's location in Washington Park sets the stage for a perfect setting similar to the animal's natural habitat.


Ok...I know it's not the best picture ever taken of a Bald Eagle BUT check out how amazing and majestic these birds really are! Their exhibit features a free flight aviary and a pool stocked full of salmon for the eagles to eat. You can even go below and get an under-water glimpse of the spawning salmon. Bald Eagles who were once threatened with extinction now are found all throughout North America. Congrats!!!


Check out me hanging out with the penguins! The Oregon Zoo is actually world-renowned for their success in breeding Humboldt Penguins.

~ Make sure to check back frequently as I will be posting more pics up soon!