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Episode #45: The Batman

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Animals to the MAX is back and all-new just in time for Halloween with “Batman”, Joe D’Angeli. Joe has been working with bats for over 25 years and currently runs the WILD Life Conservation and Education Center home to over 40 bats in Garfield, New Jersey. We discuss Joe’s early passion for bats and how that led him to acquire his first one 25 years ago. Joe also covers common misconceptions people have about bats and the benefits they provide. Other topics include bat intelligence, husbandry, and how he’s preparing for the biggest night of his life, speaking at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

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Episode #17: Fruit Bats, Tigers, Burrowing Owls


In this episode, I speak to my good friend and wildlife biologist, Diane Schmidt. We begin discussing her wildlife adventures being an undergrad at Boise State University. We talk about the Seychelles Islands home to giant tortoises, fruit bats, and sea turtles. We then discuss the vulture crisis in India along with seeing wild tigers. We end the discussion with her field work during her master's degree with Burrowing Owls. 

Seychelles Video: