Episode #52: Mark O'Shea The Legend


In this episode, I interview famous herpetologist, photographer, author, lecturer, and TV personality, Mark O’Shea. Mark’s been working with reptiles and traveling the world for over five decades, We begin discussing Mark’s early childhood and his first encounter with a snake. We then dive into his extensive work with venomous snakes, including two close encounters, one of which almost took his life. We then discuss his path to television and his adventures around the world.

Order Mark’s new book, “The Book Of Snakes”: https://www.amazon.com/Book-Snakes-Life-Size-Hundred-Species/dp/022645939X

Mark’s Official Website: http://www.markoshea.info

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Episode #5: Vipers, Cobras, and Komodo Dragons

Episode #5: Vipers, Cobras, and Komodo Dragons

In this episode, I talk to herpetologist, Matt Edgar. He has over two decade's worth of experience working with venomous snakes, crocodilians, Komodo Dragons, and the rare Tuatara. We discuss his time working in the reptile and aquatic department at the St. Louis Zoo, catching Anole lizards in Jamaica, and searching for vipers in Armenia.