5 facts you didn't know about camels


Camel 1 Just recently I had the opportunity to work with a camel named Clyde on News Channel 7. I learned a lot of amazing facts and decided to put together 5 facts that most people don’t know about camels. For instance: Did you know camel poop is so dry you can start a fire with it?

Camel 2

Did you know that camels have two rows of long, thick eyelashes that protect their eyes from the desert dust? These long lashes would make any women jealous!

Camel 3

A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallons of water in just 15 minutes! Contrary to popular belief camels don’t store water in their humps. Instead it’s made of fatty tissue that they can use when food is scarce.

Camel 4


Camels are vegetarians preferring grass and gains although during harsh times they will resort to eating bones, thorns, meat, and even their owner’s tents!

Camels don’t really spit on you (It would waste water). They are actually throwing up on you. For this and more interesting facts, watch the full segment here www.ktvb.com/video/featured-videos/Camel-visits-the-Saturday-Morning-News-81883322.html