Welcome Godzilla!!!


Godzilla 1 Here’s a sneak-peak at one of our most recent rescues! This is a 2 foot Green Iguana named Godzilla (please don’t blame me for the name…he came with it)! I rescued him last Monday in Boise where he was living in an apartment window seal. He had no proper UV lights, heat sources, or access to water.

Godzilla 2

Unfortunately, Godzilla’s owners had no idea how to take of a Green Iguana. They were informed by a pet store to feed him lettuce, crickets, and mealworms. NONE of these items should ever be offered to an iguana! They are complete vegetarians that require dark leafy greens, vegetables, and occasionally fruit.

Godzilla 3

If you look closely, you can see that his jaw is a little swollen. This is a calcium deficiency problem that can be caused by several factors including an inadequate diet, lack of UV light, and not being offered the right vitamins and minerals. If you want more information about how to properly care for iguanas, please visit our friends at www.greenigsociety.org