A lizard’s diaries: A look back at Tour 09’

 If you follow the animals and I at www.twitter.com/corbinmaxey you all know by now that we just wrapped up our 2009 National Tour. We had such an amazing time and reached out to thousands of people of all ages from 3 to 99! For the next few days I’m going to give you a backstage pass at what it’s like on the road with animals and I. You’ll see never-before-seen pics and get a glimpse at what’s in store for us down the road.

Our first stop was in Salt Lake City, Utah. We stopped by and visited our good friends at KUTV News. We sure enjoyed scaring the anchors on their #1 rated morning show! Pictured with us is Humphrey our Common Snapping Turtle. You can check out the footage here http://corbinmaxey.com/http://connect2utah.com/media_player.php?media_id=85541

We get a lot of questions on how we travel with the animals. The safest and most efficient way to transport the animals is by driving. We have specially made enclosures that are fitted with heating elements to keep the animals comfortable and happy. Every now and then though I just can’t resist interacting with them on the road! Pictured is Chompers driving through Wyoming.

Our next stop was in Omaha, Nebraska. Here I had the chance to visit one of the top zoos in the country: The Henry Doorly Zoo. This 132 acre zoo houses nearly 17,000 animals representing 962 species!

The zoo is home to the world’s largest indoor desert dome that is nearly 42,000 square feet. It houses numerous mixed species exhibits and highlights different deserts around the world. 

After a few hours at the zoo we headed back and enjoyed some true downtime. This is when I took this picture of Scooter right before he dove into his delicious meal of dark leafy greens! What a day!

Next stop: Chicago!!!