Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  Thanksgiving 1

MMM…Doesn’t that look good? If this picture doesn’t “say” Thanksgiving then I don’t know what would! You’re taking a look at one of the many elaborate diets I create each and every year on Thanksgiving for my animals. On the menu today is fresh greens, cooked yams, bananas, kiwis, and apples.

Thanksgiving 2

Here I am feasting with Tank and Tinkerbelle our Sulcata Tortoises. All of the food items I offer them on Thanksgiving Day are treats that should only be fed sparingly.  

Thanksgiving 3

Here is a picture of our little Three Toed Box Turtle named Missouri chowin’ down on her Thanksgiving meal. She also enjoys mealworms, crickets, and roaches! Yum.

Thanksgiving 4

Cooked yams are always a hit with the animals, especially with Scooter our Green Iguana. Variety is the key to providing an animal with a happy and healthy life.

From the animals and I ~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING