Corbin's top places to visit this summer # 10

Jack Hanna's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium makes my list at #10 for the Top 10 places you should visit this summer. This amazing zoo is home to thousands of species, visually stunning exhibits, and the LARGEST snake in Captivity! Woohoo!!!

This is the LARGEST snake in the country on exhibit at 24 feet long and 300 pounds!!! She is a  Reticulated Python properly named "Fluffy." This snake is responsible for bringing the zoo's attendance to 1.53 million last summer. What a draw!

Here I am on top of an "American Crocodile" at the zoo's Manatee Coast exhibit. The exhibit construction was featured on Animal Planet's "Ultimate Zoo."

This is for all of you mammal people out there! The zoo has a A LOT of different mammalian species, including the Southern White Rhino!

One of my favorites! The Komodo Dragon. I have seen plenty dragons at various zoos across the country BUT the Columbus Zoo's Komodo exhibit takes the cake for being the very best. It features a HUGE outdoor yard complete with waterfalls, trees, and grass hills. Did I mention their huge indoor exhibit???

My all-time favorite! The American Alligator. This young female was basking just outside the zoo's Reptile House! Don't you just want to kiss her on the lips?!!!