Corbin's Top Ten Places to visit this Summer #9

Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida places #9 on my list of the "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer." Please don't mind the old pic (I was 17)! Here I am standing in front of Animal Kingdom's icon "The Tree of Life." This artificial tree's trunk is made up of 325 carved images of animals!

Look at these gorgeous Nile Hippos!!!! This was taken during the Kilimanjaro Safaris. This multi-species exhibit is so incredibly naturalistic that you will NOT see a single bar or fence separating you and your safari truck. Disney uses secret hidden barriers to keep all the animals safe, secure, and happy. In this attraction you literally drive through a river full of hippos and crocodiles. In the water there are hidden barriers to keep the crocodiles and hippos at bay!

It wouldn't be Disney if I didn't post a pic of riding on one of their attractions. Dinosaur is one of Disney's main draws and for good reason...this ride is CRAZY!!! I'm the scared one in the green (first row).

Walk down the "Maharajah Jungle Trek" and you will come across giant fruit bats (above), tigers, and Komodo Dragons!

Ok. I know this pic looks out of place but take a close look. These towers (which are located in their Asian Village) are connected with ropes to allow gibbons (apes) the ability to swing from tower to tower over the village. What freedom!


If you don't know...this is a Gibbon. (I know I've posted this pic a MILLION times...just can't get enough of it)!