Corbin's "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" # 4

Busch Gardens Africa located in Tampa Bay, Florida places # 4 on my "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer." This one-of-a-kind zoological park is home to thousands of species and world-class coasters! Here I am being kissed by two of their Reticulated Giraffes during an Adventure Tour. Look closely and read my shirt!!!

What put Busch Gardens at # 4 on my list was their huge...I mean HUGE collection of reptiles! Right when you walk into the gates you are greeted by over thirty "hungry" American Alligators. What people do not fully realize is that this park is not just a theme park, but an accredited zoo!

This is Sheikra; America's very first "Dive Coaster." Instead of going down at a traditional angle, Sheikra takes riders to the top at 200 feet, waits 5 seconds then drops them at a 90 degree angle! Very scary coaster!!!

Busch Gardens has a HUGE elephant exhibit that encompasses over several acres. Do not worry...this Asian Elephant put this toilet paper on her! This is all part of enrichment that zoological parks do to stimulate their animals.

Look at this fat happy Nile Crocodile!!! This croc had to be the largest I have ever seen at any zoological park! He had such a nice home fit with grassy areas to bask, crystal clear water (filled with fish), and underwater viewing for his visitors. If you want more information about how you can visit Busch Gardens please visit their website