I decided to take a break from my "Top Ten Places You Should Visit This Summer" by showing my paragliding pics that were taken last weekend. We woke up really early on a Saturday at 6:15am and headed out toward the Snake River. It is absolutely beautiful out there....It's amazing to think that the city is just 45 minutes away! I was the last "glider" to go in our group so I felt pretty confident that being raised 3,000 feet in the air wouldn't be a problem....

Was I wrong or what?! I am not going to lie...This freaked me out! I have done intense things before, don't get me wrong, but this had to take the cake for being the most intense experience! My adrenaline was going crazy! Intense as it was, you can't but help yourself from appreciating the breathtaking views.

Toward the end of our 40 minute flight I started to enjoy the experience. You feel so relaxed up there in the is really hard to put it into words. I would recommend paragliding to ANYONE. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no one should ever pass up!