Does this pet fit you???

Spike Last week I told you I would be focusing my blog entries this week on what pet best fits your needs. I am doing this in response to the over-whelming e-mails/letters I receive on a monthly basis concerning pet ownership. Please remember that for any pet DO YOUR RESEARCH before you attaining a new animal!!! Today's spotlight animal is the Bearded Dragon from Australia.

If you

·         Have children (ages 6 and up)

·         Have moderate space available

·         Can devote daily interaction (30 minutes a day)

·         Feed LIVE crickets and mealworms (along with dark leafy greens)

·         Are ready for a “personable” pet

Then the Bearded Dragon just might be for you. Often considered the best beginner reptile pet the Bearded Dragon is about as personable as a reptile can get! They reach lengths for up to 24 inches and live over 10 years. They are GREAT when it comes to children because of their calm dispositions. They can tolerate frequent handling and enjoy daily interactions. An adult can live comfortably in a 55 gallon aquarium. They also require specialized heating/lighting. Visit this link for more information about Bearded Dragon care.

*** I would recommend only captive bred animals. I would also look into checking out your local herpetological society’s rescue/adoption network before purchasing an animal.