Pics...Pics...AND more Pics!

AAJunior I want to share with you some pictures that were taken of the animals enjoying the sunshine yesterday. It's so exciting to them outdoors in their exhibits!!! Above is Junior our Nile Monitor lizard just relaxing in his newly renovated outdoor exhibit.


This is Sydney our gorgeous Woma Python enjoying a stroll through the fresh green grass. Although as simple as it seems this is considered enrichment for these pythons. The snakes pick up new sights and smells which stimulates their minds positively.


Look how cute Missouri our Three Toed Box Turtle looks outside her burrow!!! Missouri loves the outdoors and especially looks forward to thunderstorms.


This is one of my favorite pics of Neiko our Ball Python. Not only can they move around well on the ground they can also get around quite well in trees! In the wild Ball Pythons have been documented climbing trees to get to baby birds.