First look: Chompers!!!


Chompers This picture was just sent in of our newest rescue, a baby American Alligator named "Chompers." We have been preparing for the exciting arrival for weeks and I'm counting down the days until I pick her up (this Tuesday).

She was bought over the internet as a gift for someone’s fiancé. Luckily they both decided that an alligator was NOT a suitable pet. It is killing me to see how many people are buying these animals thinking that they will make good pets. I want to welcome ANYONE to come and see in person how big, aggressive, and dangerous these animals can be. My case in point: Soni our resident alligator.

***If you want to see Soni and I in person, come to the Idaho Herpetological Society meeting held on October 18th at the Idaho Fish and Game Trophy Room at 7:00pm.

As always, I promise to keep everyone updated on our newest resident. 


- Corbin