We've got eggs!!!


Tinker 2

If you follow us on twitter (www.twitter.com/corbinmaxey), then know that last Friday we had a HUGE surprise! Tinkerbelle our African Sulcata Tortoise laid 18 pearly white eggs! It was a huge shocker for all of us at the reserve due to the fact that Tinkerbelle has never laid eggs before.

Tinker 3

I first noticed something very peculiar about the tortoise habitat on late Friday afternoon. It was completely destroyed with huge mounds of earth and dug out depressions in the soil. I saw Tinkerbelle in a complete daze digging a hole as hard as she could.

I did some research and found out that female Sulcata tortoises will dig 10-15 different nests before they actually pick a suitable one to lay their eggs.

Tinkerbelle 1

Before I knew it Tinkerbelle began to lay perfectly round pearly white eggs. It was incredible!!! A female Sulcata can lay anywhere between 15-30 at a time. We decided to remove the eggs from the nest before Tinkerbelle could cover them up with dirt and debris. (The eggs would never survive Idaho’s harsh winters).

Tinker 5


With help from my sister we marked the top of the eggs with a pencil so we knew how they were laid in the nest. We then collected all 18 and transferred them into an incubator. They will hatch in about 6-8 months.

Tinker 4

With all this excitement I had to capture a picture of the happy father-to-be! Tank didn’t seem too interested and only cared about his favorite thing: food!

I promise to keep everyone up-to-date with this exciting event~ more to come….