Fun Facts About Your Favorite Animals


Spring 2009 003 All my life people have told me how fortunate I am to work with animals. I do truly believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Every day I learn something new about them. Whether it’s behavior, eating habits, or just learning their each individual personalities. That’s why today’s blog is going to full of fun facts you didn’t know about your favorite animals!


Did you most penguins don’t live in the snow? Only 2 out of the 17 living species live in Antarctica. The rest live in temperate climates where they can withstand warm weather. One species, the Galapagos Penguin lives near the equator.


Giraffes have a 21-inch long tongue that’s colored black so it doesn’t get sun burnt!


Sadly, there are only 500 remaining Bactrian Camels left out in the wild. There are 1.4 million domesticated.


An ostrich has enough force in their kick to kill a lion.


Meerkats can kill and eat venomous snakes and scorpions because they are immune to their venom. For more up-to-date animal facts follow us at