Who am I?


I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’ve decided that it’s time to switch things up. That’s why instead of me filling YOU in on recent animal facts and stories from the road, I’ve decided to test your animal knowledge. Try to guess what animal I’m talking about with the few details and cropped picture I give you. The answers are at the bottom. Good luck! G1

I have no natural predators but humans. Scientists who study me call me and my families “The Wolves of the Sea.”



I’m from the Himalayas where I prefer to live in the trees. I share my favorite food (bamboo) with a very famous neighbor that at one time scientists thought was my relative.


I’m a shy creature that is from the slow-moving waters of Australia. I have a “snake like” neck from which I got my name. I enjoy eating fish, crustaceans, frogs, and tadpoles.


I’m one of the heaviest pinnipeds weighing in at 4,400 lbs. I have large pearly white tusks which I use to haul out on the ice.


My nickname is a “Sea Cow.” I’m a very peaceful creature that unfortunately is disappearing due to pollution and boat accidents.


Orca or Killer Whale

Red Panda

Australian Snake-necked Turtle