Goodbye Leno


Corbin and Jay Tonight, Friday May 29th is the very last episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The animals and I have visited Jay on numerous occasions and have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the best producers in the country. Not only that but we have been able to spread our message about conservation, education, and responsible pet ownership to millions of people.

Corbin and Leno

Don't you just love my "Best Buy" looking uniform? This is Jay and me right after I graduated High School during my second appearance on the show. This time the animals and I were featured with Sam Jackson! He LOVED feeding Scooter a banana.

Corbin and Jay 2004

I had to bring out this infamous image of Jay and me during my first appearance on the show at 14 years old! All I can say is that I had a "hunger" for knowledge. Since my very first  appearance on the show  so many doors have been opened for me and have given me opportunities that I dreamed of as a little kid. Thanks Jay and those on the show who have helped make my dream a reality.

See ya at 10!