Jungle Island



One of the many places I had the opportunity to visit while I was in Miami was Jungle Island. To be honest I had never heard of such a place but was excited all the same. When I entered through the gates I was greeted instantly by these magnificent macaws. Jungle Island has dozens of these birds designated throughout park.


One the many park highlights include "The Tale of the Tiger." This show features tigers, a lion, a skunk, a baby gibbon and much more. What I really enjoyed about this show was how much they stressed conservation. I also enjoyed watching the audience and how they were more receptive and caring towards tiger conservation after seeing a real tiger up-close and personal.


Of course my favorite animal I visited at Jungle Island hands-down had to be their Albino Alligator. I have never seen one in person so I was ecstatic to see one in the flesh. You can tell an albino from a "white or leucistic” alligator from the color of their eyes. Albino's have pink eyes white's have dark blue or black eyes.


Jungle Island is the only place in the world where you can see a trained Cassowary. These large birds are native to Australia and kill more people than crocodiles! They have a mean kick and can use their "helemet" to ram any potentail predators. How amazing!!!


Look how big this Aldabra Tortoise is! Jungle Island is home to three of these ancient reptiles who can live to be over 100 years old!

Visiting Jungle Island was a great experience. I really enjoyed their collection of birds and reptiles. I also enjoyed their tropical plants and flowers that surrounded the whole park.