Invasive species

I absolutely LOVE receiving your pictures! This was sent by Annie from Miami, Florida. Now I was a little confused when I first saw it. I didn't know if Annie knew that this was a reptile site not a flower site! As I looked closer though I could see a very familiar face...a Green Iguana! Look at this little guy's amazing bright green coloration. Now this picture was taken right outside Annie's backyard in South Beach. There is only one problem. Green Iguanas are naturally found in Central and South America (NOT in Miami). Unfortunately Green Iguanas have been living in Florida for several years now due to irresponsible pet ownership. These pet owners released their unwanted iguanas into the wild and now the iguanas have established themselves very well in Florida's climate. Green Iguanas are notorious for competing with other species of reptiles, birds, and even mammals. Make sure if you own animal that you no longer can take care of, please contact your local humane society.