What pet best fits you?

A lot of people ask me what pet would best fit them. Although this is a very general question sometimes it is not that easy to answer. There are a lot of different factors to look at before you attain a new pet. Your work schedule, space, time, budget, etc. Throughout this week and next I am going to be profiling different species of animals and pairing them with the best possible pet owner.    

If you

·         Work fulltime

·         Have very minimal space

·         Can devote 10-15 minutes on a daily basis

·         Feed frozen/thawed mice and rats every 7-10 days

·         Have always wanted a python….

The Ball Python just might be the perfect pet for you. These small African pythons grow between 4-5 feet long. They can be kept in 30-55 gallon aquariums and are very little maintenance. They also have very docile personalities when frequently held. They only eat every 7-10 days and only poo once a week! What a pet! Matter of fact my very first pet snake was a Ball Python! They are a great beginner reptile and have fascinating personalities.

I would recommend only captive bred animals. I would also look into checking out your local herpetological society’s rescue/adoption network before purchasing an animal.