On the road again

Today I am on my way to San Francisco! I have never been so I’m SO excited to visit. When most people think about visiting San Francisco images of the Golden Gate Bridge, walking down Fisherman’s Wharf, and riding the famous trolley pop into mind. Not me! As an animal person I have thoughts about what the zoo is like, or how many California Sea Lions I can spot in the cool waters? I brought my camera so I promise to post new pictures daily. We have 12 hours of driving ahead of us, which sounds like a lot, …but compared to our long journeys for Meridian, Idaho to Manhattan, I choose not to complain! As for the animals, they are back at home in Meridian at the reserve. Don’t worry…they are in great hands! While I am gone I have my animal assistant staff making sure everyone is happy and healthy! Wish us luck on the long drive! Make sure to check back in often as I post new pictures of our trip.