What's all the shed about?


Buddy looking better then ever after a shed!

As a snake owner, one of the many things I look forward to is when one of my snakes sheds its skin. Once all the old skin is sloughed off you can truly admire your snakes beauty. “Buddy” our 11 foot Burmese Python just finished shedding this morning (with a little bit of my help)! In captivity, sometimes snakes have trouble shedding their skins in one whole piece. This mainly has to do with humidity levels in their environment. “Buddy” just had a little shed left around his head, so I did what anyone else would do…I soaked him in warm water! In just a short amount of time ALL of his skin came right off!

A lot of people ask me how often snakes shed their skins. It really depends on a variety of different factors including how old the snake is, and how much it is fed…etc. “Buddy” happens to shed right after a big meal. I can tell a snake getting ready for a shed when its colors turn dull and their eyes turn bluish-grey. When any of our snakes are in shed they are temporally removed from our shows and left to rest to reduce stress. So what do I do with all of the old skins? They make great decorations around the reptile house!