Scooter loves variety!

I took this picture of Scooter this morning enjoying his breakfast!

Here at the reserve we make sure that all of our animals are happy, healthy, and eating the most nutritious foods available. We always want to enrich the lives of our animals in any possible way we can. You might not know this, but we can enrich an animal’s life by just changing what it eats. It’s as simple as that! Every morning I dish out a freshly chopped mix of dark leafy greens and vegetables to our herbivorous residents. This includes “Irwin” and “Banzai” (Solomon Island Skinks), “Spike” (Bearded Dragon), “Missouri” (Three Toed Box Turtle), and “Scooter” (Green Iguana). It’s always important to make sure that you also sprinkle vitamins and supplements on your reptile’s diet. We recommend and use Rep-Cal vitamins and supplements. They are fairly inexpensive and will keep your reptile pet happy and healthy!