Tsavo Maneaters

aalions When I was younger one of my favorite movies was "The Ghost and the Darkness." If you are not familiar with the story it documents the true accounts of two male lions that supposedly killed and ate 135 construction workers during the building of the Kenya-Uganda Railway in1898. At the end of "The Ghost and the Darkness" it states that if you want to visit the lions today you can at the Chicago Field Museum. This is a picture I took from my phone during my trip to the museum back in November. It was so surreal seeing this lions up-close. Not only are these the real skins of the Tsavo lions but they also had the skulls off to the side on exhibit as well. I really recommend EVERYONE to see this exhibit at least once in their lifetime. For more info on the lions please visit the museum website http://corbinmaxey.com/http://www.fieldmuseum.org/exhibits/exhibit_sites/tsavo/default.htm