Where I come from



I just recently visited my old home in Robie Creek, Idaho. It’s amazing how much growing up in this small community influenced my passion for animals and how I decided to dedicate my life to them.


Behind me is the cabin my family and I lived in for nearly five years. The majority of my childhood was always spent up here in the mountains. Since I didn’t have any close friends for miles away I was always surrounded by all sorts of wildlife. I kept chickens, pigeons, ducks, pheasants, doves, a pot belly pig, and small lizards. I even would put on small “wildlife” shows for my family with the bugs and frogs I used to catch.


This is a picture of me and my Aunt Joyce back in the early 90’s with my first pet lizard named Booger. Booger was a Green Iguana I had for several years. I eventually found out Booger was a “she” when she laid eggs!


My family bought our small Cabin for weekend get-a-ways but eventually we fell in love with place and moved in full-time in less than a year after we bought it. Now the cabin finish has faded and the trees are all overgrown. The pond we used to play in as kids has dried up. Although very strangely looking at it for that moment, it seemed like time stood still. All of my cherished childhood memories came back.


I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything. If I never lived in such an amazing place surrounded by all sorts of animals I do not think that I would have followed in the career path I am now pursuing. Looking at this picture of Booger on top of my head I can’t help but be thankful for so many of the wonderful memories I have made and that are down that long road ahead.