5 facts about the Spotted Hyena



One of my absolute favorite animals is the Spotted Hyena. These mysterious African creatures have been puzzling scientists and researchers for years. I recently found out five amazing facts about these mammals that I would like to share!  

Number 5

Did you know that the Spotted Hyena is more closely related to a cat than a dog?


Number 4

Female Spotted Hyenas are larger than the males AND lead a matriarchal society (dominated by females). Females are also a lot more aggressive and assertive.


Number 3

Their bite is the strongest in the animal kingdom! Unlike most predators they prefer eating the bones and skin over meat. The only things they can’t digest are horns and fur BUT they still eat them. They regurgitate them up in pellets later.


Number 2

Although they look fierce and intimidating Spotted Hyenas do not hunt humans. Unfortunately they are often shot on site due to fear and their frightening appearance.


Number 1

They can make over 11 different sounds including their famous laugh. The laugh is only used when the hyenas are excited our expressing submission to a dominant member of their clan.