Your pics!!!


Tiger_upclose Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE taking pictures of animals. That's why I asked YOU to send me some of your favorite pics. I received tons of e-mails containing pictures that have been taken all over the world! It was so hard to choose just 5 for today's blog but rest assured...If your picture didn't make it don't worry...I will start posting new pics my readers send me weekly so there is a chance it still might show up!

The picture above was sent by Krissy Poderzwinski in San Diego, CA. It was taken at the world famous San Diego Zoo's Tiger River Exhibit. LOVE the pic Krissy! Thanks for sending it in~


"Hi Corbin- Just received your tweet about wanting our animal pics...well here you go! I'm actually visiting Sea World today with my daughter! We are watching this live dolphin show as I send this...They are SOOOOOO CUTE!!!"  - Marliyan James      Charlotte, SC


"Greetings Corbin from Timesquare in NYC!!! Check out this monster's teeth....AHHHHH!" - Jon Choy  NY


"Maxey- I've lived in Portland for over 30 years and have never visited our zoo. After reading your blog about how wonderful the Oregon Zoo truly is I decided to check it out. It is truly incredible and I want to thank you for putting our zoo in the spotlight"    - Beth Johnson Portland, Oregon


"Corbin- Look how neat this star fish is! I could actually feel him slowly sticking to my hand. It's so wonderful that aquariums like the one in Newport allow hands-on interactions. It teaches people how wonderful sea creatures truly are"       Nick Kolbert       Seattle, WA

Thank you all for sending in your wonderful pics!!!!

- Corbin