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Episode #46 Penguins & Elephant Seals

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In this interview, I talk to Camille Le Guen who is currently finishing up her PHD work on African Penguins and the effects of overfishing. We discuss her early beginnings studying the Little Blue Penguins in Australia. We then cover her experience living on South Georgia Island (north of Antartica) studying penguins and elephant seals. We finish up with her current work with the endangered African Penguins in South Africa.

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Episode #8: The Adventures Of A World Traveler


In this episode, I speak with my good friend and world traveler, Amy Major. We discuss her first trip to the African country of Malawi, zip lining through the jungles of Costa Rica, visiting the Australia Zoo, driving through the Serengeti and exploring Tanzania, and participating in a penguin conservation program in South Africa.