Episode #36: Carnivore Keeper Chat


In honor of National Zookeeper Week, I interview Turtle Back Zoo Supervisor, Erin Mowatt. Erin's been working in the zoological field for over 12 years. She's worked with everything from giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, snow leopards, bears, orangutans, the list goes on! We discuss her passion and career working with big cats and other carnivores. 

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Episode #3: African Adventures and Tigers in India

Episode #3: African Adventures and Tigers in India

In this episode, I sit down with special guest Valerie Hershey. She's a former zookeeper turned science teacher who has traveled the world in search of rare and exotic animals. We begin exploring what sparked her interest in animals and how that led her to become a zookeeper. We then dive into her world travels to Kenya, The Seychelles Islands, and India in search of the elusive tiger.