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Episode #26: Sea Lions

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In this episode, I talk with sea lion keeper and trainer Sam Fantuzzi from The Turtle Back Zoo. We discuss her early beginnings training marine mammals and what led her to her dream job. 

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Episode #15: Octopus, Sea Turtles, & Hammerheads

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Could you imagine getting paid to swim with sharks, rescue sea turtles, and train an octopus named "Octavia"? If so, this weeks "Animals To The Max" Podcast is for you! I sit down with aquarist Sam from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. We talk about her early childhood marine inspirations, swimming with Great White Sharks in South Africa, and finally landing her dream job as an aquarist. We discuss her duties taking care of spider crabs, training an octopus, rescuing sea turtles, and other Adventure Aquarium residents, including Hippos!

Episode #4: Great Whites, Sea Turtles, Dolphins: Life As An Aquarist

Episode #4: Great Whites, Sea Turtles, Dolphins: Life As An Aquarist

In this episode, I speak with senior aquarist Krissy who has over a decade's worth of experience working with sharks, sea turtles, tropical fish, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, and much more. We discuss her journey working at the Sea Life Park in Hawaii, training dolphins and sea lions for the US Navy, interning at the Shedd Aquarium, and what it took to finally land her dream job. Krissy then talks about fulfilling a lifelong dream: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa.